Mentoring Programs

Statistics show that children whose parents are incarcerated are six times more likely to end up in prison than their peers, and if children cannot read by the Fourth Grade and both parents are incarcerated, then 94% of these children will end up in prison.We need to break this cycle!

Prison ministry works with Offender Aid and Restoration (OAR), Essex County. The children are appointed by the courts to work in the PATCH Program (Parents and their Children) of OAR.

Learning By Experience - Saturday Mentoring Program for Children

The Saturday Mentoring Program is held year-round in a facility near the homes of the children we serve. During this 4-hour program, mentors and volunteers help the children and youth develop the tools and skills they need for healthy relationships and learning during workshop activities. Mentors and volunteers receive training, including the Safeguarding God's Children program. Interested volunteers and mentors complete an application and submit references to Prison Ministry.

Special Parties and Outings

It is a special treat for the PATCH children when a congregation holds a party or special activity, such as holiday parties, BBQ,  and enrichment programs, for them. You congregation will be blessed by the experience. We will help you plan the event or program to ensure that a good time is had by all. 

Visits to the Jail

Staying close to an incarcerated mom or dad is very important for the emotional and social welfare of the children. We support the family's health by offering visits to the jail. These are supervised visits held in a specially designed PATCH (Parents and their Children) room filled with books, comfortable seating and games. Volunteers are needed to ride the bus and support the visits.